Funny Things

Purchase made while stationary. Clips with magnets, can opener replacement car key, and an oil change. I walked to stores and it hit me. Being in a different kind of grind I notice so much more. I tuned into the bird music right away, the variations of cut green grass and aroma. I smiled…a lot. I found my steps dad unicycle and although I passed on it today (white pants) tomorrow let the games begin. Being out of the 8 x10 moving box temporarily is nice. Fried burritos and foods in plastic sleeves replaced with spinach flax-chia seed smoothies and Johnnie Walker Scotch neat. Went to the movies and laugh out loud because this kid ran in and out three times with such loudness that even the most mellow and tolerant of people gave a “Shh” and as the movie ended the kid jump and landed hard and immediately looked up at us. My mom said its that rebellious child in all of us that never leaves. Funny thing I had that very same thought.



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