IMG_0219.JPG. Plans change and now Florida is out and Tupelo Mississippi is in. This time it’s a party and saying goodbye to some good sleep. The driver called me ” how set are you about going to Florida?” And “Brian is going to join us”. I like Brian but it changes the sleeping arrangements. So head to toe the driver ( six foot six) and I (5’6) in one bunk and Brian upstairs in the penthouse. All three of us have traveled together before and we all got along. We joke since Brian who happens to look like the actor Keanu Reeves, works well others also sees things differently. Back in May the driver told Brian “Dude you’d shit gold bars and complain they weren’t shiny enough” Thanksgiving on the road will be a first. I appreciate that my mom did not give me sad eyes or “what about me?” Which she has perfected over the years. It’s like the bend and snap “works every time”. Thank goodness! May God Bless and hold tenderly all who have served on this Veterans Day.


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