I Love The Quality Of My Problems

A co-worker said ” If you were to throw your problems into a pile with others you would pick out your own.” She is right and I realized that I am not going to be rewarded for my suffering either. The ego is such that if I make sacrifices the outcome should go my way. I don’t know how people do it, handle their finances or lack thereof in the midst of relying on others. The “Rob Peter to Pay Paul” works for a awhile but it gets old quick. I crack myself up, who do I think I am when I judge others based on their actions when I really don’t know what is going on. I rented a studio to a gal who on paper looks like a high risk but I go with my gut and I understand the importance of giving someone a break. She needs a break she moved back from Florida because “there is no money there” and she went on to explain she can get a night teaching job here , in addition to her day job. Her spouse is staying behind to care for his parents both whom are too sick to considered moving . She told me her low FICO score. I choose her because she showed up where others said they would and did not and she came prepared. On the other hand I got a situation that read and smelled beautiful and it turned to shit, not right away but over time. The reason I love the quality of my problems is because I created them myself.


B and B

This was the year of butts and beards. While I recovered a patient who had a brief procedure with light sedative who woke up talking as one does a little odd dialog with some truth. He said he was thinking about Nicki Minaj. The ubiquitous Kim Kardashian pic. Twerking video chicks and Baseball. players abound. The crew in West Monroe aka Duck Dynasty and now that i think about it “the side boob”.
I think the beard thing is cool it balances out all feminine stuff going on. They need a break too and it’s a masculine trait that says “Hey take notice” ‘ The butt equates with laxity and sensuality which I hope indicates recovery from this recession. I know these trends are cyclical but it’s been a quite a while for the derriere and beards to make a comeback. What do you think?

Funny Things

Purchase made while stationary. Clips with magnets, can opener replacement car key, and an oil change. I walked to stores and it hit me. Being in a different kind of grind I notice so much more. I tuned into the bird music right away, the variations of cut green grass and aroma. I smiled…a lot. I found my steps dad unicycle and although I passed on it today (white pants) tomorrow let the games begin. Being out of the 8 x10 moving box temporarily is nice. Fried burritos and foods in plastic sleeves replaced with spinach flax-chia seed smoothies and Johnnie Walker Scotch neat. Went to the movies and laugh out loud because this kid ran in and out three times with such loudness that even the most mellow and tolerant of people gave a “Shh” and as the movie ended the kid jump and landed hard and immediately looked up at us. My mom said its that rebellious child in all of us that never leaves. Funny thing I had that very same thought.


House phone and The Ice Bucket

I like using the house phone in hotels makes me feel like a grown up. I’ve yet to see a kid answering an overhead page they would rather stay lost. Even now some hotels make an announcement throughout the whole casino. I’m tempted to use it, to call myself “Ms. Adrianna Please go to the nearest house phone”. Then there’s the ice bucket one must walk down this long hallway like in the movie Poltergeist and as I walk I remember how often the folks send the kids to “go get some ice” and what a thrill, that short brief period where you are on your own. You run so fast then catch yourself, you’ll lose your freedom if caught. You reach the giant ice making machine with sounds of ice shifting and buzzing, you either push a button or pull a lever all by yourself. Like magic ice keeps coming and coming never mind the strays that hit your feet. Then it dawns on me, it’s just like a slot machine for kids.