G is for Gambling.

Arrival into Las Vegas Nevada last night is fun. Not complaining only explaining.  I got up at four am to be at the truck yard by 5. I tried my darndest to nap while traveling from Long Beach to San Diego then here. I begin to think about the din of Keno machines, the numbers I’ll pick, the waitresses that love to cut up with me  and bring Ginger ale with bitters in the tall glass. My palms start to perspire  and I lean into the glass to see those lights that I love.  My home is here and now it  is  temporarily occupied by family. I remind myself that charity begins at home. I’m a thimble full of resentment.


Oh well. I am often a bridesmaid never a bride since one of the crew hit a jackpot. Damn foiled again.  I tell myself my luck will be ever present when I get back to playing poker. Later today I am meeting a new acquaintance thru friends to view  his new Corvette. He is a magician and maybe he’ll make me disappear.

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