Watch Your Stuff.


Few days lay over. In my home town Las Vegas. Poker poker poker was on the menu. I arrived at the table and people were saying “ya security is coming”. Listening intently I found  out some guy took a nice lady’s  phone. She had the wherewithal to call her own phone and heard her distinctive ring. “Give me my phone you took”. His upper left chest pocket was buzzing  and the guy gave it back no apologies and continued to play as though nothing happened. So here’s what I observed. Security came and the  2 guards asked him to get up, looked at his ID and  he “smiled ” for the camera as they took his picture.  He was asked never to set foot on the property. He took his money he had  no visible signs of remorse.  You could tell it was a smarmy thing to do. He had about a hundred bucks in front of him. People on and off the table were examining motives as to why. Las Vegas is a rough town and lots of people here are on dope.  I also know Las Vegas is a great town too. Lots of special people and an elderly community that has taught me how to play solid poker. I approached the gal and said I was sorry she had to experience that and  she said she was okay. Lesson learned.



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