Where Are They…The Men.


I remember the segment on Alaskan men  and what was said after loads of gals arrived there with their stuff.  ” The odds are good..but the goods are a little odd.”  Here in Lapland they like calm and quiet. The men here are hearty to say the least. I observed men doing the following; reaching into fires to adjust burning logs, cooking and fetching water (frozen lake and axe).  Chopping wood and starting a fire so quickly. And offering coffee in one fell swoop. I  took an informal survey and found out there are plenty of singles here. To apply one must like wide open spaces, the cold and working hard Every single day. Beautiful names “Aiva, Santos and Opi” do not begin to describe their solid mass and strength. You will be safe because they read tracks ” rabbit, reindeer and red fox” Bears? “No they are sleeping now…no worries”  beautiful faces and love of nature make them attractive but the courtesy and kindness make them special. These guys aren’t pleasure seekers, living here provides that. They are low key and content. They are asking for the same.  When you apply tell them the Mexican sent you. Ole haavya


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