Sweden and Sampo



This is a Swedish Finland heavy metal  band. It has a few meanings “Storm and drive” or Storm and Stress. Finland has one of the greatest number of death metal bands, who knew?  Swedish fish Ikea and meatballs is what I initially think of. We talked our driver in to taking us to Sweden last night extra 50 €. We drank cider and Irish table whiskey. He drank Fanta Orange. Zero tolerance here in Sweden and Finland etoh level 0.05. The driver shared that  3 out 5 top formula 1 drivers are Finnish. Kemi Finland bought Sampo the ice breaker ship from the Finnish government in 1987 for today’s equivalent of 125k euro (deal). It was going to be sold to Russia for scrap metal.  And now it’s strictly for tourism. Several rivers run into the Baltic Sea so it’s not so salty and water forms into ice. We put on the red survivor suits and floated in the ocean and it’s was not as cold as I thought and the water tasted more like creek river stream water then briny ocean. I felt peaceful and relaxed and the suits do really protect you. They have Sauna on the ship but not for guests. One person lives on Sampo and the ship was built in 1961. They give you a “Diplomi” for Artic operations and it’s signed by the Captain.  Ahoy Mate.


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