A Wins a Win.


Poker has taught me a lot. To me Patience, discipline and observations are the most important tools. What poker hasn’t taught me  but life has, is to be childlike and relish the good stuff. I drove to a card casino to play an Omaha poker tournament with $25.00 buy-in with multiple rebuys in the 1st hour.  Sat between two local guys. First thing I said to myself “If they’re old and white they play tight”. Then an Asian married couple sat down “danger danger”. Couldn’t place plywood between them so if they knocked knees “oh well”. 33 people I’ve never met all wanting to make in the money. But is really about the money. No! its the rush! I live for the rush which some one had said “It’s like a drug”.  When you are in the zone nothing can stop you. Cut to the final table. 6 people left every one gets paid. Strategy is to eliminate the short stacks and collect “steal blinds”. Here is where I got into the Zone. I told myself I made it this far and I DON’T CARE. I played late position knowing people would fold. I doubled up. I knew that homegirl was going to get tired of me stealing blinds in late position and call me. When she did I had monster drawing hand. She singlehandedly double me up and she didn’t see the two 10k chips on the bottom of my stacks. Final table rules allowed no limit status so I pushed all in knowing I had a fifty percent chance of winning. The two remaining players asked to chop and I agreed. Whenever I won my showdowns I jumped up and down and did a little dance. I didnt care if I looked foolish “really a $25.00 tournament?” I jump with excitement knowing I was in the zone and I was going to use my whopping $288.00 win at the cash game and make more. Ziajian


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