Going back to Cali


Although I haven’t left California lately  it’s a the idea of going home to be with people I love. A sadness came in the form of death.  Attending a funeral of someone who represented  all that is good. Family, love and commitment was Mrs Retrosi’s Forte. The silver lining was reconnecting with all the schoolmates I knew as a single digit midget. The warm fuzzy feelings are there especially when you know everyone is thriving. Laughter supercedes all other emotions followed closely by love and touch. Selfishly I beam with pride. No one in jail for extortion or anything scandalous just a sense of wholesomeness. I’m leaving for Cuba in a few days and the first time in Long time I’m kinda of nervous. A former friend went about 10 years ago and she was mugged. I am going  utilize the love I received and like a invisible cloak, wear it knowing I’ll be just fine.


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