My travel ambassador said “I think we better go to Cuba before it opens up to 20 flights a day into Habana”  Europeans  come for sun and rest I guess.  While others have been coming  here for decades.  Customs immigration gal said  “DON’T SMILE” as she examined my passport. Balmy air quickly squelched  my fear of not stepping over boundaries   Drive from airport notice livestock with bony prominences. Dry and  arid  landscape,  fences that could fall with a  push of a hand, rubbish and debris then soot.  Brightly colored  clothes on women  yet in the  4 to 5 past days I’ve  yet to see a clothing store or anything closely resembling one.  Our particulares via Airbnb was nice but be careful not to get shocked while showering. A wire directly woven into one is reason for flip flops.  The HaBana with a a “B” stands for be careful of uneven streets be aware of  some of the food and be sure to exchange money for “CUCS” 1 CUC is about one dollar. Ziajian


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