While enjoying refreshments at Hotel National a serendipitous encounter took place. I met the daughter of Sal Landau. Apparently  he was the producer of the  documentary “Will the Real Terrorist Stand Up” . She has been coming to Cuba since 1960.  She was attractive and a Irish Lad  named “Shane” was in her company. In a nutshell she said. “Cubans’ have minimum of 12 grade education. Health care is such that a clinic for approx. 100 people is an Md., nurse and social worker. 4% infant mortality rate for total population of Cuba .  Cubans live longer than Americans. No one is homeless”   I listened intently as to compare what I’ve observed so far.  I also found interesting that she said most prostitutes here  hold Masters degrees in neuroscience, economics etcetera  and can outsmart the most intelligent person. “They have a 5 year plan so don’t even think you can get one over them”  I wasn’t planning to.  I asked why so preoccupied with Che “because he’s dead ” Her bent was obvious. And she was leaving Monday to go home to America. Ziajian


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