Bias aside, it’s challenging to quantify the quality of life here in Cuba. My observation:  predominantly rural countrysides  with sugar cane fields few orchards of mango guava and avocado. Yoked oxen plow and  rarely  a tractor seen.  Domestic livestock everywhere yet sparse.  Oxen, Brama, goats, chickens, street dogs with intact gonads, and skinny cats and their litters.  Few  peacocks which  can be seen and heard and especially the cacophony of Roosters.  Seemingly malnourished cattle. Horse buggies are  primary mode of people transportation but horses are also  used to move just about everything you can imagine  (cargo rubbish casket)  Dry climate brush and ground cover. Warm rains to blue skies can occur within hours of each other.  Schools both  primary and  secondary  identified with colored uniforms. Old bikes and long distances. Other areas townships  near coastlines appear to be like an  empty shell of what was once a oyster with  beautiful glistening pearl.  Bread is the most ample food source followed closely by more bread. Dry crackers, loaves, baguette and wafers. No one is fat because EVERYONE WALKS due to lack of vehicles (obvious  I know).  Had a pizza because locals would ordered it up like crazy. Took one bite and spit it back  out. Tossed  it to the  mangy street dogs and  neither one ate it. In the small markets, empty store shelves on one side and other side stacked to the gills of boxed OJ.  Did not matter who you were or what you wore no one was slovenly dressed. Jewelry adornment, most often gold. For women: earrings (small hoops, studs or teardrops) bracelet watch necklace. Men: watch necklace. Homes I stayed in: tile, chairs, rarely a sofa or tv. Water pressure varied…a lot, from a spicket stream to uniform trickles. Most buildings in decay, street vendors hijacking street lamp electricity to light up their stands to  sell one dollar pork sandwich the size of fist. Pristine beaches are alternatives to militia landmarks. Rare use of herbs or spices. Aromas are  essentially four groups: exhaust (cars factory or tractor ) road apples livestock smell, coffee, and outside of Habana fresh air. Sounds “Clop Clop Clop Clop ” of the horses, roosters ( all day )  people greeting each other from across the street and honking cars.  Meal for five: lobsters X2, chicken plate, fish plate 5 Pina coladas. Each person were given  a generous bowl of soup  and side of white rice. A soda and mojito. Approx 58 bucks.  Leftovers went to street doggies. The roads are fair yet can be  dangerous due to the frequent  crossings of horses,  people and animals on a daily basis. And of course the people…Beautiful.


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