Funny Things

Purchase made while stationary. Clips with magnets, can opener replacement car key, and an oil change. I walked to stores and it hit me. Being in a different kind of grind I notice so much more. I tuned into the bird music right away, the variations of cut green grass and aroma. I smiled…a lot. I found my steps dad unicycle and although I passed on it today (white pants) tomorrow let the games begin. Being out of the 8 x10 moving box temporarily is nice. Fried burritos and foods in plastic sleeves replaced with spinach flax-chia seed smoothies and Johnnie Walker Scotch neat. Went to the movies and laugh out loud because this kid ran in and out three times with such loudness that even the most mellow and tolerant of people gave a “Shh” and as the movie ended the kid jump and landed hard and immediately looked up at us. My mom said its that rebellious child in all of us that never leaves. Funny thing I had that very same thought.


West coast Dilemma,

image    Home for a few days, maybe ten days or three and I’m tired.  Thanksgiving in Miami? Turkey with a side of South Beach sounds great but this holiday is a family holiday and I’m torn. Driver says you can stay behind and the sound of that rubs me the wrong way. Stay behind? I don’t think so.  I often think I’ll miss something and obviously to go is the imperative.  I choose this life for all the right reasons and coming back is kinda sad. I’m met with parking tickets (not mine) a loving mother going Suze Orman on me and a bed that is not my own.  I’m not homeless but I am without a home.  Leave it to Oprah to save me from the indecisiveness.  I am doing the 21 day meditation series for the third time and today was Law of Attention. In essence what ever you focus on, the desired result is the outcome.  So here  it goes Korean Spa, a wonderful birthday with my Auntie Lover and a ” Ma I am choosing a path that serves me best.”

11 Forgotten Laws.

Everyone knows the secret. Bob Proctor wrote the much revered book and at age eighty he remains on the speaker circuit. A recent visit to see my sister lead me to review via audio and text the laws that help guide one’s life to that of abundance and harmony. Listening for 2 years my sister says she often hears new threads that speak to her. The one that spoke to me was The Law of obedience. In my simple way of thinking I initially thought you had to obey the universe. Not the case let me explain. I was a visiting RN to an elderly gentleman who lived right on the beach. This area was known to be at the mercy of the ocean during winter times. His son explained while neighbors braced their homes with sand bags and diversion tactics to minimize the damage, his dad accepted that he was no match against the inevitable. Can you imagine allowing the surf to ride in to your home from the living room all the way back to the kitchen? He sustained less damage than the rest of his fortified neighbors. The law of obedience. My interpretation is don’t push or pull, to let it be since it is already determined. The universe is in charge as they say and belied by some people I embrace this law with gratitude.

Cha Cha Cha.

Cha is Mandarin for tea. While in Georgia I get a lesson in quick dialog.  A warehouse guy calls off a number “triple three” he repeats it a few times and asks if I know what that means. “I know a few” (I’m kidding myself) and he is dying to share it. For example. “That girl be looking for a triple three” She is looking for a date. I decide to go West Coast on him and say. “She looking for a dub but she ain’t thirsty.” We laugh since I want to be hip if not contemporary. Come to find out once again the joke is on me.  “Darn”. Triple three translates to nine inches. Now I’m just embarrassed.  The Duck Dynasty crew has a sweet tea product and it’s a big Sigh. The driver was more eloquent “it sucks”.


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Dear Thomas

I want you to know that is by no mistake we sat next to each other  at dinner to laugh and enjoy the cramped but cozy booth with six other people. I appreciate your candor and positive outlook. You had offered me such wonderful insight in a short amount of time. You have reassured me of decisions made without having ever met you till now. I know why they say “Save the best for last.” You are indeed the best.

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I’m So Tired

My goodness how time flys. I was in the habit of writing nearly every day and now four days have passed. What’s a girl to do? I forgive myself and proceed. Orlando Florida: delivered to a mini storage 3 separate units and the “shipper” (customer) changed her mind and units like a million times. The futile attempt to use post it notes challenged every one that day.  What I didn’t realize until I was told by the seasoned veteran that she was a pro. She had insured her household goods for an ungodly amount of money which rings loudly of fraud.  The exchange of dialogue in essence was “I’ll see WHAT is missing” as opposed to “If ANYTHING is missing” that was also one of the clues. Her goods were pick up from a storage warehouse and not at home. Here’s the rub she is going to file claims guaranteed.  The amount that she insured “her stuff”  (another clue) did not correlate with what I saw. I have in the past worked at antique flea markets for  two decades during my  college years and while in high school. I was taught by many a vendor the nuances of said furniture.  I’ve worked at furniture auctions houses and I have paid attention. Art Deco, Arts and crafts, mid century modern (big hit with the Japanese back in early 80’s). Occupied Japan and  depression glass fakes never got passed me. Bottom line we documented everything and gave the claims guy a serious heads up. I am not sure the outcome and I asked the saints above to intervene because no matter what she too is a child of God but a bratty one at that.


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Overheard at the WaWa

wpid-20140920_102719.jpgEast coast has a chain of eateries where the tired and weary come to get a bite to eat. While waiting I’m listening to the driver talk to his kid who is currently in college up in San Francisco.  “….We have shame and guilt and we’re not even Catholic”. I laughed because he meant it. I  was listening to  a healthy supportive dad talk about aging “Dude your life is going faster like the closer you get to the toilet paper roll the faster it goes”. It reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend (my mom) she said “you know that little hyphen between your birth date  and death like in the obituary..that’s you life” – – -.Happy New Halloween.

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